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Acrobat PDF File Size

I’ve been working on a project where I am dynamically filling form fields on a PDF using the PDFToolkit from ActivePDF.   It’s been great, with one exception. The customer had created their PDF and sent it to me to … Continue reading

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Argh! People are so rude!

I am constantly appalled at people’s lack of manners! I was recently on a flight from Phoenix, AZ   to Orlando, FL.   I was on Southwest Airlines, got to the airport early, and managed to get myself a  nice … Continue reading

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Talk to someone!

This article on the number of TVs in the average US household.   There are now (on average) 2.73 sets per household and only 2.55 people per household (again, an average.   How many .55 people have you seen?).   … Continue reading

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Random, my butt!

I’ve already commented on how not random my iPod is, but now it’s getting weird.   I selected “Shuffle Songs” and this is what it did: Song 4:   “I Am the Door” by Day of Fire (from the Day … Continue reading

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Great songs…

One great thing about the iPod is the random feature.   Sure, it may not be totally random, but sometimes it just hits a great song.   This afternoon it picked a great classic rock song “Rev On The Red … Continue reading

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