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Searches in Outlook 2007

Searches in Outlook 2007, at first glance, have become cumbersome and difficult to use.   That’s not really true – you just have to take the time to figure out how they work. My problem was that I use Outlook … Continue reading

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A coworker yesterday stated she believes “everything in moderation”.   I’m sure most of us have said something like that in the past.   It reminded me of a question I’ve often had: Is it possible to be excessively moderate?

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The Stardust Demolition

Somehow, watching the demolition of a building, in this case the Stardust in Vegas, isn’t as cool as it was before Sept. 11th, 2001 after watching the towers fall.   But it is sort of cool.   At least no … Continue reading

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iPod Randomness (again)

I have 5,162 songs in iTunes.   In the span of 20 songs, “shuffle” has picked 3 Bryan Adams songs (of 14 total): “Cuts Like A Knife” “This Time” “Straight from the Heart” And I have the “Smart Shuffle” set … Continue reading

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Those Stupid Web Pages!

I was googling something technical the other day (I don’t even remember what), and came across this page.   As I was browsing the page to see if it would help, I found this: “I ponder if companies will realize … Continue reading

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