Inserting hyperlinks in Outlook

Outlook has a great feature that I’ve recently started taking advantage of.   First, the setup.

I have lots of mapped drives – they’re mapped to locations I use frequently that others may not have drives mapped to, but I still want to use my mapped drive to put a shortcut in an email.   I used to go to the “standard” mapped drive and get to the document and copy and paste the location into my email.   If there are spaces in that path, the hyperlink would break as soon as there were spaces because Outlook valiantly tried to figure out what to make a hyperlink, saw a network path and made it all a hyperlink.   But it breaks as soon as it encounters spaces.   And what if they user doesn’t have the drive that I use mapped?   Outlook offers great “Insert Hyperlink” functionality that solves the problem.

First, decide what text in your email you want to be a hyperlink.   It can be to a web address or a network location.   In the screen shot below, the text is “on the network” because I just put some documents out there for my boss.
Adding a hyperlink

Next, you see the “Insert Hyperlink” screen.   The screen has two fields to fill in.   The first is the text that becomes the link.   In this case, “on the network”.   The second is the address.   In this example, I used a mapped drive that I personally mapped – no one else in my organization has and “S:\” drive, but I do.  
Inserting the image

This sounds great, but what happens when the recipient gets the email?   Since they don’t have an “S:\” drive, will they get an error?   No.   See the screens shot below – Outlook translated the path into it’s UNC path, so anyone who doesn’t have an S:\ drive mapped will still get to the folder I specified.
Finished email with UNC translation

I’ve found this very useful.   Hopefully my recipients find it useful, too.

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