Dropping A Table in SQL CE

There’s a bug in the instructions for removing a table using SQL Compact Edition that drove me nuts for about 20 minutes.   I tried the intuitive way which is what is documented in the help, but which is also wrong.   The instructions read:

1) On the View menu, click Server Explorer.
2) In Server Explorer, expand the data connection from which you want to drop a table.
3) Under Tables, right-click the table you want to delete, and then click Drop Table.
4) In the Delete Objects dialog box, click Remove, and then click OK.

Step 4 should simply read “Click OK”.   That will drop the table.   If you click “Remove”, it removes the table from the list of objects to be dropped, so when you do click “OK”, it doesn’t actually get dropped.

I must’ve tried as instructed in the help (without actually reading the help first; it was just intuitive) before I thought maybe I shouldn’t click Remove first.   That did the trick.

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