Classic ASP Sucks!

I’m currently working on an application originally written in classic ASP for a customer.   Several thoughts come to mind:

  1. WhoTF would start building an app in 2007 in classic ASP instead of ASP.NET?
  2. Classic ASP sucks.   Everything is a kluge…I’ve had to manually write all sorts of AJAX crap, things that should take 10 minutes take 2 hours, my business logic is intertwined with the interface (I’m using classic ASP classes, but what a fake substitute for a real OO language) and performance is slow.
  3. The previous developers on this thing deserve a special place in the unemployed developers line.   They need to go back to school.   And yes, I realize everyone else’s code always sucks and I didn’t write this crap.   But this is really bad.   They let this into production:

                          Sub AllowAccess

                                  Exit Sub

                          End Sub

                      I could go on and on with the bad code examples, but I don’t want to make your eyes bleed, too.

Man, this project is annoying!

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3 Responses to Classic ASP Sucks!

  1. Classic ASP does not suck. This technology rocks, and companies all over the world are still using it just fine. However, there are DEVELOPERS who suck. I’m talking about developers who write sloppy bloated overly-complex object oriented and homegrown-framework based code that makes figuring it out nearly impossible for anyone to do work on it besides the original developer. Such people should be reported to the better business bureau for such irresponsible behavior and poor business ethics.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, classic asp DOES in fact, suck.. The problem with classic asp is that it was written so long ago, and since has not really been updated to keep up with the trends. The reason for this.. Well, we have many better languages now. We have PHP, .NET, Ruby and others.

      I work for a company now who are STILL using classic ASP in 2011! I couldn’t believe it when I started, and I couldn’t comprehend why they were still using it. Until I spoke to their lead developer, who simply refused to learn .NET/PHP or others, and spent most of their time writing functions that are already available in some of the far superior languages.

      Let’s take this for example… In PHP, if I want to get the contents of a remote file, I simply type:

      How do I do this in classic ASP? Well, like this:

      Now THAT is un-necessary bloat!.. Oh, and “Classic ASP Developer” – By looking at your site, I can plainly see you refuse to move forward with the rest of the world.. How is that html table layout working for ya? I’m surprised your not still using the tags and writing all of your elements in capital letters..

      Can we just drop Classic ASP and forget it ever existed.. Supporting legacy projects, fine.. But new projects still being started in this awful language, let’s end it now..

  2. Ryan says:

    You know what they say about classic asp?

    No matter how bad you think the classic asp your dealing with is, someone else’s inherited classic asp project makes your’s look like a hello world example.

    I’m dealing with one right now that is over 2,500 .asp files, with a total of more than 2 million lines of html and classic asp…. Compiled over 10+ years….

    Sometimes I get requests to add a feature to it, and I’m like great…. That’s in the one that’s 15,000 lines long.

    Furthermore the HTML in the one I am working with is malformed… The previous developer left off closing tags and attribute Quotes on purpose saying that browsers were tolerant of malformed HTML and it saved bandwidth……

    It literally makes me want to vomit every time I touch it.

    Why anyone continues to develop in this archaic, old school, crap language is beyond me, and anyone who thinks it’s ok to do so should be bagging groceries at walmart.

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