Outlook Text Size

I stumbled upon a great feature in Outlook the other day.

While in the compose mode, I used the “Ctrl-Mouse Wheel Scroll Up” feature to see if it would enlarge the text (as it does in IE or Firefox) and it did, which is what I expected.   (FYI, my font is “Calibri 11”.)   I composed the message and hit “Send”.

Later, when I went to compose another new message, the body text was still enlarged!   I didn’t expect it to retain that setting between messages but it did.   I find that to be a plus.

And the really odd thing?   Even though the text is made larger:

  1. The font size in the drop down on my toolbar when composing is still set at 11 even though the font is much larger.
  2. Recipients of my message see the font size as Calibri 11.

I find that to be great design.   I can set my font to a normal size (Calibri 11) for my recipients but have a larger font when composing.

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