Thank you, Apple

I’ve had something happen twice now, on two computers (both running Vista) when installing iTunes 7.7.   The installer runs just fine and when it’s done, it tells me “Your software is up-to-date.”   The problem?   My task bar has completely disappeared.   First time it happened (at home this weekend), I thought Vista had just crapped out.   After the same thing happened on my PC at work, I realized that the common denominator between when it happened at home the other day and at work today was the fact that I was updating iTunes using the Apple Software Update.

At home I solved the problem by rebooting.   Today I thought harder (because I really didn’t want to reboot) and I just started Task Manager and on the Applications tab selected “New Task” and started explorer.exe.   Voila, the task bar is back.   Not sure why that fix didn’t occur to me this weekend.

Thanks, Apple.

P.S. – I won’t even comment on how bloated iTunes *really* is now – 60 mb!   Oh, wait, I think I just commented…

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