Thoughts on FSU vs. Chattanooga

My thoughts on FSU vs. Chattanooga:

  • At least two of the three times I’ve seen Ponder audible, the play has gone for a TD.   Granted, one was a very slow developing play where he had to dump the ball to Smith, but it still went for a TD.   That tells me that all the comments about Ponder being a smart player and a student of the game are true.   He seems to be reading things well…
  • The line has been opening huge holes.   While I think our OL is much better than years past, my concern is that our opponents are just over-matched.   On the other hand we haven’t been able to dominate the “easy wins” like this, the way we should, in a long time.
  • It’s nice to see us running the ball so well today (like last week).
  • I like ESPNU’s effort to get college students experience.
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