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The NCAA, Lawsuits and Punishment

I was reading this “story” I couldn’t help but think I agree that it really isn’t right to punish the current players for former players misdeeds, but ¬†at the same time, that’s how the NCAA works. Each generation of players … Continue reading

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August’s Zune Pass Songs

I apparently am musically schizophrenic if you look at what I used my 10 free Zune Pass downloads for. All good stuff, though. (Duh, because I wouldn’t have gotten them if I didn’t think they were good.) You Wear It … Continue reading

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Weird Dreams…

Last night I had the strangest dream – I sailed away to China…uh, wait, that was a song from the 80s, but I did have a dream about China. I was being forced (why, I’m not sure) by the People’s … Continue reading

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