The NCAA, Lawsuits and Punishment

I was reading this “story” I couldn’t help but think I agree that it really isn’t right to punish the current players for former players misdeeds, but  at the same time, that’s how the NCAA works. Each generation of players is responsible to those coming after them.

Should there be a change in the rules? If so, what do you do? What do you change? Do you tell the NFL they need to step up and punish players that broke the rules years ago when they were in college? You can’t force the NFL to do that and the NCAA has no leverage. I sure as hell don’t want a federal law – that would be a huge waste of time and taxpayers money. (Don’t even get me started on Congress investigating the BCS.)

Do college coaches need to drive home the point that you owe it to the future players at your school to not get embroiled in situations like at the Ohio State and the University of Miami? Do you pay the players a small stipend? But even if you do that, if you have a booster like Shapiro who can flash that much money at a kid, can you stop it?

This is a tough issue with lots of questions. Ultimately I think it comes down to personal responsibility. The responsibility of parents to parent, coaches to teach and coach, and the players to make smart decisions. Even if you do that, you still need sanctions because someone will always break the rules, but what good do they do if they players have already moved on?

Is the system irreparably broken? Lots of tough questions that I don’t have the answers to…

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