Things To Do As A Male Spouse At Young Life Camp

My wife is on staff for Young Life and I’m not, which puts me in the unusual position of being a male staff spouse, or as it’s affectionately and lovingly called, a mouse. Us mouses are a rare breed and we stick out like a sore thumb at the YL all staff conference or when we accompany our wives when they’re working at camp.

We have to find something to do with our time, so, with no more waiting, here’s a list of the top 10 things to do as a male spouse at Young Life camp.

  1. Pay some work crew kids to watch the kids and head into town with the other spouses to get manis and pedis.
  2. Make use of that gorgeous kitchen – it has two, count ’em, two, refrigerators – to bake a nice casserole and some pie so when my baby comes in from a long day, she has a nice, hot meal waiting for her.
  3. Finally quit procrastinating and start working on that “YL Camp Spouses Cookbook”.
  4. While the campers are at club, head over to the pool with the girls and work on our tans.
  5. Have a faux, non-alcoholic Cosmo party with the girls.
  6. Spend a few afternoons crafting and then open up my own Etsy store.
  7. Steal all but one of our spouses walkie-talkies and then lead them on a wild goose chase all over camp to get them back.
  8. Go around camp giving hugs of encouragement to all the leaders. (Side hugs only for female leaders, because remember “side hugs are for friends“!)
  9. Hook an iPad up to the TV and watch “Downton Abbey” with the girls.
  10. Go to town, buy a pair of pants and actually wear them!
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