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Weird Dreams…

Last night I had the strangest dream – I sailed away to China…uh, wait, that was a song from the 80s, but I did have a dream about China. I was being forced (why, I’m not sure) by the People’s … Continue reading

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July’s Zune Pass Songs

This month’s Zune Pass songs are another bit of mix-n-match. Some 70’s country/folk, some 70’s rock, some modern rock, and a reggae track. Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver Thank God I’m A Country Boy – John Denver … Continue reading

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Life After Getting Rid of Cable TV

So in late February or early March (I don’t remember which) we got rid of cable TV completely. I wanted to share the services we use in lieu of cable TV, the quality of service, the  technology behind what we … Continue reading

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Thank you to Mike Portnoy

Dear Mike, I’ve been wanting to write this for about a long while now. I wasn’t sure where to send it – I briefly looked and couldn’t find and address although honestly I didn’t look too hard. So on Saturday … Continue reading

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June’s Zune Pass Songs

I got a Zune Pass a few months ago. For $14.99/month, it allows you to stream music from the Zune service. (As an aside, shhhh…don’t tell the Apple people that Microsoft has had a music streaming service long before they … Continue reading

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Ten Thoughts While Driving to California

This weekend I went to California to see Neal Morse in concert. It was an amazing show – if you’ve never seen Neal live and you like progressive rock music, it’s highly recommended. As I was driving to California, I … Continue reading

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Why I Love CrossFit

After posting a comment on Facebook about a recent CrossFit workout at North Scottsdale CrossFit, I had a friend ask me what I thought about CrossFit.   It had been on my mind for a while to post about why … Continue reading

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Doors & Manners

When I’m opening a door, how far behind me does someone have to be before I am not obligated to hold the door open for them?   Two, four, ten, twelve steps?   Honestly, this sort of thing causes me … Continue reading

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‘Unable to Cast COM Object’ Error With SQL Server 2008

I have encountered an error that was driving me nuts: Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to interface type ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.IServiceProvider’. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID ‘{6D5140C1-7436-11CE-8034-00AA006009FA}’ failed … Continue reading

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Date Without Time When Serializing

I’m serializing a class in .NET and have a DateTime field.   It’s getting serialized as: 2009-11-01T00:00:00 When what I really want is something without the time like this: 2009-11-01 Brad Abrams has a great post that has how to … Continue reading

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