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College Football & Missing Dad

Days like today are what make college football season fun. It’s one of those days you wish every Saturday was like, but only a few are. There are some great matchups today:  Auburn @ Clemson,  Tennessee @ Florida,  Ohio State … Continue reading

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The NCAA, Lawsuits and Punishment

I was reading this “story” I couldn’t help but think I agree that it really isn’t right to punish the current players for former players misdeeds, but  at the same time, that’s how the NCAA works. Each generation of players … Continue reading

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Thoughts on FSU vs. Chattanooga

My thoughts on FSU vs. Chattanooga: At least two of the three times I’ve seen Ponder audible, the play has gone for a TD.   Granted, one was a very slow developing play where he had to dump the ball … Continue reading

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