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September Zune Pass Songs

A bit all over the map – again. Seems to be a recurring theme. That said, I love the fact I get 10 free songs with my monthly Zune Pass. Still wanting to get a Windows Phone 7, too so … Continue reading

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Weird Dreams…

Last night I had the strangest dream – I sailed away to China…uh, wait, that was a song from the 80s, but I did have a dream about China. I was being forced (why, I’m not sure) by the People’s … Continue reading

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Ten Thoughts While Driving to California

This weekend I went to California to see Neal Morse in concert. It was an amazing show – if you’ve never seen Neal live and you like progressive rock music, it’s highly recommended. As I was driving to California, I … Continue reading

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Doors & Manners

When I’m opening a door, how far behind me does someone have to be before I am not obligated to hold the door open for them?   Two, four, ten, twelve steps?   Honestly, this sort of thing causes me … Continue reading

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Why Women Think Men Are Pigs

The Melbourne (Florida) International Airport is not exactly the prime example of a bustling, thriving airport.   Of all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen more than one or two people in the airport bar.   And when … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Urinals

I always feel bad when I use the half-height, little kids urinal in the bathroom and some little kid comes in.   When I look over my shoulder at him he is invariably fidgeting nervously, holding his crotch, crossing his … Continue reading

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Ahh, irony!

My in-laws live in The Villages and while my wife and I were recently visiting we were looking through the newspaper with all the different groups, my wife said “Hey, the have a codependency support group.” All I could do … Continue reading

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A Plane to Myself…

I was reading this article and it was close to home for two reasons: 1) I went to Florida State and it talked about Willie Williams infamous recruiting visit, and 2) it talked about he was the only passenger on … Continue reading

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Change to iTunes

Since I’ve had my iPod (almost three years now!), 10000 Maniacs “Like the Weather” had the distinction of being the first song in my iTunes list (when sorted by Artist, the default) and on my iPod.   I just upgraded … Continue reading

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A coworker yesterday stated she believes “everything in moderation”.   I’m sure most of us have said something like that in the past.   It reminded me of a question I’ve often had: Is it possible to be excessively moderate?

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