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Airplane Etiquette, Rants and Raves

I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to but I recently had the “pleasure” of being on an airplane as my family and I traveled over the Christmas holidays. Here’s a few rants, comments & tips that I … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Instant Video Catalog Search Needs Work

Ever since we ditched cable TV a few years ago, the amount of purchases using Amazon’s Instant Video service has gone up. We’re willing to buy the few shows that we really want to watch as well as movie rentals. … Continue reading

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Doors & Manners

When I’m opening a door, how far behind me does someone have to be before I am not obligated to hold the door open for them?   Two, four, ten, twelve steps?   Honestly, this sort of thing causes me … Continue reading

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Why Women Think Men Are Pigs

The Melbourne (Florida) International Airport is not exactly the prime example of a bustling, thriving airport.   Of all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen more than one or two people in the airport bar.   And when … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Urinals

I always feel bad when I use the half-height, little kids urinal in the bathroom and some little kid comes in.   When I look over my shoulder at him he is invariably fidgeting nervously, holding his crotch, crossing his … Continue reading

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Overused Phrases

I get so tired of the phrases in pop culture.   Some of the really annoying ones are below.   And yes, while I’ve probably used them all at least hundreds of times I’ve finally realized how annoying it is … Continue reading

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Thank you, Apple

I’ve had something happen twice now, on two computers (both running Vista) when installing iTunes 7.7.   The installer runs just fine and when it’s done, it tells me “Your software is up-to-date.”   The problem?   My task bar … Continue reading

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Classic ASP Sucks!

I’m currently working on an application originally written in classic ASP for a customer.   Several thoughts come to mind: WhoTF would start building an app in 2007 in classic ASP instead of ASP.NET? Classic ASP sucks.   Everything is … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Ironic?

My wife, who is an amazingly smart woman, called me the other day as she was driving to pick up my step-daughter from volleyball practice.   She had the radio on and “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette was playing.   She … Continue reading

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Suggestion for Sheryl Crow

Since Sheryl Crow thinks we should only use one square of toilet paper for conservation purposes as well as use a “dining sleeve” instead of a napkin, I have a suggestion for her: She can eat her used toilet paper. … Continue reading

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