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Error in WordPress on GoDaddy

I was getting an error on my GoDaddy hosted blog that looked something like this: Warning: require_once(D:\Hosting\xxxxxxxx\html\blogs\wp-content\plugins\jetpack/require-lib.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream along with another message. It seems that the cause was the jetpack plugin I had installed was apparently incompatible … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Instant Video Catalog Search Needs Work

Ever since we ditched cable TV a few years ago, the amount of purchases using Amazon’s Instant Video service has gone up. We’re willing to buy the few shows that we really want to watch as well as movie rentals. … Continue reading

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June’s Zune Pass Songs

I got a Zune Pass a few months ago. For $14.99/month, it allows you to stream music from the Zune service. (As an aside, shhhh…don’t tell the Apple people that Microsoft has had a music streaming service long before they … Continue reading

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Microsoft Integrating JQuery with VS

Someone in the blogosphere (can’t remember who) had recently said they would like to see Microsoft start working with open source projects, include it in their products and yet leave it unchanged and open source, all the while contributing back … Continue reading

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Thank you, Apple

I’ve had something happen twice now, on two computers (both running Vista) when installing iTunes 7.7.   The installer runs just fine and when it’s done, it tells me “Your software is up-to-date.”   The problem?   My task bar … Continue reading

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Dell Inspiron 1720 Install Freezing

I recently ordered a Dell Inspiron 1720.   After I got it, the first thing I did was to reinstall the OS (Window Vista Home Premium) to really clear out the crap that Dell installs with it.   Uninstalling the … Continue reading

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Outlook Text Size

I stumbled upon a great feature in Outlook the other day. While in the compose mode, I used the “Ctrl-Mouse Wheel Scroll Up” feature to see if it would enlarge the text (as it does in IE or Firefox) and … Continue reading

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Virtual PC Differencing Disks

This post is for me as much as it is for others.   Maybe by writing it, I’ll finally remember how. Because I do it so infrequently, I can’t remember how to get set up Virtual PC to use a … Continue reading

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Change to iTunes

Since I’ve had my iPod (almost three years now!), 10000 Maniacs “Like the Weather” had the distinction of being the first song in my iTunes list (when sorted by Artist, the default) and on my iPod.   I just upgraded … Continue reading

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Inserting hyperlinks in Outlook

Outlook has a great feature that I’ve recently started taking advantage of.   First, the setup. I have lots of mapped drives – they’re mapped to locations I use frequently that others may not have drives mapped to, but I … Continue reading

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